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1 You Pick and Click

Go online to select the meal plan and menu options you want—you get to pick from an array of choices

We shop pack and deliver

2 We Shop, Pack, and Deliver

We purchase, pre-measure, and carefully pack all the fresh and high quality ingredients for you, and deliver them in a box directly to your front door

You prepare and enjoy

3 You Prepare and Enjoy

Just follow the recipe, have fun cooking the meal, and dinner will be ready to enjoy in about half an hour

Easy does it

With all the fresh and high quality ingredients you need to create a tasty meal in about half an hour, you don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner.

Simply Delicious Dinners

With a variety of exciting meals to choose from every week, inspired by authentic recipes from around the world, we make dinnertime simply delicious.

Sample dish Sample dish Sample dish

Oyster Mushroom Tacos

You’ll never miss the meat with everyone’s favorite: Mexican! Customize with toppings, spicy chipotle and cool avocados.

Mediterranean Fish

Delicious parcels of flaky fish wrapped in salty pancetta bring the flavors of the Mediterranean right to your table.

Polish Potato and Sausage Stew

A hearty one-pot dinner that will satisfy everyone with bold, bright flavors.

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Which box are you?

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Four Person Box

A box of fresh, high quality ingredients, suitable for up to 4 people

4 person

Two Person Box

A box of fresh, high quality ingredients, suitable for up to 2 people

4 person
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Healthy Fun

We supply the recipes and ingredients for you, so cooking dinner can become a fun learning experience, not a race to get something on the table.


Delicious Done Right



We are committed to minimizing the minutes and miles it takes our ingredients to travel from the farmer, to our prep-center and to your door. This reduces our impact on the planet, and your trips to the grocery store.



We work primarily with farmers and producers in our local community, and with every meal you purchase you’re helping to support fishermen, artisans and farmers who call New England home.



Delicious meals require delicious ingredients. We only use the freshest seasonal produce, meat free of antibiotics and hormones, and sustainable seafood that’s almost always locally produced.